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Alt Summit 2013 – Let’s Do this!

The day is finally here! Heading to Alt Summit last year (see recap here ) was undoubtedly one of the big highlights of 2012 for me. In many ways I can look back and see that so many of the great things that happened in my career were influenced directly (and also indirectly) from my experience there. It was the best money that I had spent on anything work-related. Ever.  I remember thinking that not only was I feeling legitimized as a blogger and shopowner, but that these were totally my people (as corny as it sounds).

So a year has passed and again I find myself filled up with a flurry of nerves and anticipation of all the good things to come!  I hope to meet a ton of new people and I can’t wait to share all kinds of great info at my roundtable talk on running your online shop.

See you on the other side!

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