How to create a gallery wall – Plus a $200 giveaway with Minted!

Pencil Shavings Studio and Minted have partnered up to give away a $200 giftcard to create your very own gallery wall. www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming to figure out what exactly you should hang on your walls. Art? Posters? Photographs? And then where do you find all of that? People get really nervous about doing the wrong thing, whether it be in the way they hang art (how high?!), committing to nailing holes in their walls, or not knowing what kind of art to commit to. More often than not, I see people hang maybe 1 or 2 teeny tiny frames on a gigantic wall (extra points for if you have them hung in a stairstep design with maybe some kind of tiny corbel shelf next to it – EWWW) which is almost worse than having nothing there at all.

Scale and proportion is everything and I understand all too well the anxiety of not knowing what to do with big empty walls. With several large wall spaces in our house,  I’ve wrestled over and over again with them and I’ve finally landed on a few tricks that work well for us.



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Carlton Landing: Wood floors and tile

An update on our home at Carlton Landing: wood floors and tile work is complete. www.pencilshavingsstudio.com


Since Jude was out of school on Monday, I figured it was as great a time as any to hop in the car and take a little jaunt to Carlton Landing to check on the progress of our house. I had a light fixture that needed to be delivered, so off we went.  My friend Erin just moved to CL full time and she has graciously sent us Instagram updates on the house, but we were all surprised to walk in and see all the wood floors had been laid. HOORAY!



The honed marble countertops were also installed in the past week and all of the plumbing fixtures have gone in.  All the tile work with the exception of the kitchen backsplash is also laid. It feels like a real house finally!

floors-in-the-kitchen More photos and our carpet picks after the jump – Continue Reading →

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The case of the missing dining room chairs

Back in January we pulled the trigger on these super fabulous dining room chairs from JCPenney. But you might remember that there was a delivery snafu, and instead of bringing us the 4 navy chairs we ordered, we were delivered 3 navy and one beige chair. Womp womp.  So after promising us a new navy chair to be delivered in March, with no delivery ever to appear, I finally got back on the phone with JCP to see what the deal was.


In the end, turns out they completely discontinued the dining chairs and never bothered to let me know. There is not a single navy chair to be found anywhere in any store, any warehouse. To JCP’s credit, they really did work hard to try to track one down for me after a few twitter conversations and phone calls. But now we are stuck with 3 navy chairs, which is super awkward.  I’m continuing to haunt their website in the hopes that one will pop up (a tan one already has – wait, maybe that’s the one they’re coming to pick up tomorrow??).

So now I’m trying to decide what to do. I figure my options are these:

1. Attempt to sale stalk the JCP website with the hopes that one will turn up.

2. Return all of the chairs and start over from scratch.

3. Keep 2 chairs to use as accents for the head of the table.

Right now I’ve got the 6 Eames plastic knockoff chairs in there that we’ll be taking to the lake house, and I admit, I really do like the look of it (you might remember that was my original plan.)


But I’m still not 100% sure I like them with the 2 JA chairs from JCP.


What would you do? I’d love to hear a second/third/fourth/eighteenth opinion. And let’s not talk about how I still haven’t done anything about that wretched wallpaper. UGH.


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Easter 2014 Weekend

Lawrence McRae vase - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

Aaaaaaand yet again I have somehow completely managed to overlook the fact that J has no school from today until next Tuesday (ermm, Easter break, anyone???). It’s like all of a sudden the schoolyear has these potholes of days off right at the end. So.  A nice long Easter weekend for us.

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