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New to the shop: Washi Tape! YES!

New in the shop! Pencil Shavings Studio washi tape www.pencilshavingsstudio.com


Do you ever have a really good secret? Something you can’t wait to share? That’s how it’s been the past couple of months with my brand new washi tape that I designed for the shop. I am so crazy excited about this – I mean, I am kind of obsessed with washi tape. I’ve even used it on my walls, for Pete’s sake. Continue Reading →

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Major Outlet Sale!


Two things, friends.  First off, I’m receiving a seriously awesome shipment today of a totally new product that I CAN. NOT. WAIT to show you. BUT! That means I need to clean out some existing inventory to make room. So. Check out the outlet site for some seriously awesome deals – including ALL hair ties at 50% off. YAY! So grab ‘em before they’re gone forever. ::sad face::



And since I’ve been snuggled up in my pajamas for two days straight now due to a fantastically gorgeous March winter storm, I figured now’s as good a time as any to put our custom pillows on sale. Take 20% off through Wednesday with code SNOWDAY.  And remember, they’re totally customizable at no additional cost. Want different colors? Done. Some pattern you don’t see on them? Just let us know and we will make that happen.

And finally, a huge big thanks to all our friends who have voted for PSS in the BHG Blogger Awards. There’s two days left to vote, and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll win!

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Valentine’s Day 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  We’re on winter break here, which I was completely unaware of until last weekend when I decided to casually review the school calendar. Which is to say, we are also at that point in the school year where I’m barely cleaning out Jude’s backpack every day, not to mention the fact that he has now ripped every single pair of pants he has in the knees. EVERY SINGLE PAIR. How is this even possible?

Happy Valentine’s Day, kid, I got you some new khaki uniform pants. Because OMG. I cannot even deal with the holes.

His class had their little Valentine party yesterday and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. One of the kindergarten teachers pulled me aside to tell me how sweet Jude is to her and he’s not even her student. It made me feel really good. He has such a precious sweet little heart. Jude also tells me on a daily basis how he goes to the school nurse every day to get ice packs for any of the kids that get hurt on the playground. Which makes me think that he must be known in the school office as The Ice Boy and that maybe I need to go chat with the school secretary to see how much we owe the school in ice?

In other news, Simon is headed tomorrow to the Land of the Warmer Temperatures (Phoenix!) for a conference. For Jude and I, this means every night is a sleepover in The Big Bed and quite possibly also lots of pizza delivery and cereal for dinner (don’t judge – I know you like it too).  But I can’t be too upset about Simon escaping  winter here because we booked our spring break adventure last week. We’re all ramped up for another Disney cruise and I am already counting the days. Plus Simon’s grandmother is going with us and she is a ton of fun.



Finally, a few fun things to check out over the weekend -

  • New in the shop are the gold foil gemstone prints pictured above! They come as an 8×10 art print and also as a mini lucite tray. LOVE. FYI – if you’re thinking about getting one of the mini trays, I’d snap one up quickly as we’ve almost completely sold out of our first ruun.
  • I’ve bought 2 of these J.Crew lightweight merino tunics — they are utter perfection and the perfect piece to transition from heavy winter clothes to warmer spring days.
  • Speaking of winter, here’s 3 ways to tie a scarf.
  • This shoot over at Studio DIY is so crazy graphic fabulous.
  • Need last minute Valentine inspiration? This Pinterest board is full of fun ideas.
  • This  is still our most re-pinned post over the last week. The striped vase is an easy DIY!


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Top picks for Valentine’s Day

Top Valentine picks from Pencil Shavings Studio - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com


If you missed the email yesterday, take note! I’m offering 20% off everything in the shop with code TRUELOVE thru Friday. And silly me – I didn’t even realize  I’d completely blown past my shop’s 3rd birthday. So there’s that to celebrate as well – wow, where did three years go?  In other news, we’ve burned through almost half of our stock of mini lucite trays in one month. So definitely grab ‘em before we run out of this first batch.

Now for a parting shot — think of NIckels and Coco since today the poopies are going under the knife  to get neutered. I feel bad for them. They have no idea. :(   I’m kind of in love with this photo below — Nickels has worn his bow tie for days now and it really suits him. ::sigh::

nickels the chihuahua in his bowtie #thepoopies



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