The Top 10 Most Colorful Lamps

You know how much I love a showstopper, and sometimes when it comes to interior design, nothing makes a better statement than a gorgeous lamp. I’ve rounded up ten (!) of my favorite statement-making showstopper lamps. Even better? They’re in every shade of the rainbow.

The 10 best colorful lamps

Comment below to let me know which one is your favorite!


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  • Dani

    2, 7 & 9 are my personal favorites but they are fabulous! I adore your love for color!

    • Rachel

      Thank you! I’m a fan of those as well — #2 has such a gorgeous color.

  • Andrew

    A very nice collection and I completely agree with colors to boost a room. However I notice that mostly the base contains colors where the shade is simple and plain… . I therefore recommend to take a look at the collection of Rowan Chase. A Californian artist that started to print his (colorful) artwork on lamp shades. I love them!