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Valentine Party

Mix & Match Patterns for a Valentine's Party

Today I’m excited to show you the details of a Valentine’s party I hosted last night for a few girlfriends. It’s funny how friendships can form. A few years ago when Jude was tiny, I kept bumping into the same group of girls seemingly everywhere we went. One day at the park after giggling about it, my friend Jill said, “Don’t you think we ought to go ahead and be friends?”

And as time has gone on, we’ve done just that. Our kids are all in the same school and about the same age. Occasionally we’ll meet up for dinner or a play date or something, and this time I volunteered to host an art party at my house. One of the girls had found a cool painting project on Pinterest or somewhere, and since it was so close to Valentine’s Day, I decided to play up the theme.

Mix & Match Patterns for a Valentine's Party

Minted was gracious enough to sponsor all the party goods for this event from their new line. I loved the idea of their Valentine Ombre Love set, and last week, a lovely box showed up on my doorstep! Originally I had big plans to do all these cool ombre paper chains for the backdrop I was envisioning. But after spending a TON of time on a single chain, I figured out quickly that I’d better find a different option. So for $8 I crafted this ombre backdrop out of crepe paper  and the result is just as fab.

This ombre streamer backdrop was so easy to make! //

A pretty drink station with ombre backdrop at my Valentine's party //

A pretty drink station with ombre backdrop at my Valentine's party //

Stripey straws at my Valentine's party //

Minted  sent over practically everything – straws, signage, paper plates & napkins, you name it.  I loved the idea of mixing & matching patterns and other items, and in the end, I paired it all with a polka dotted tablecloth I had from Target.   I also spray painted a few cheapo vases I had lying around to provide a little sparkle.

I love a good bunting - my Valentine's party //

Cupcake decorations for my Valentine's party //

For each place setting, I used some gold striped wrapping paper as a type of placemat.  The large round confetti was a fun contrast.

Gold & pink ombre accents at the table for my Valentine's party //

For $3 apiece at Target, I found these fun little light-up rings in the Valentine section. I simply disassembled the box and used the original packaging inside-out (the white part – it’s a garish hot pink w/ barcodes on it) and attached a sticker. I love how they turned out!

Light-up ring favors for each place setting. #valentine //

Valentine's Party

Valentine's party //

Valentine's Day decorated mantel //

Finally, one last simple DIY for you. I used masking tape to tape off this cheap florist’s vase I had leftover from some flowers Simon sent me months ago. I used gold spray paint and within an hour, it was perfectly dry. Wouldn’t a great big bouquet of peonies be gorgeous in this vase?  It’s not perfect by any means, but for basically a free project, I’m happy with it.

DIY striped gold vase.  Tape it off with washi tape & spray paint.

So there you have it! A fun girly night with good food & good friends!  What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


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  • Julia Dzafic

    this is so adorable! i want to come to a party at your house sometime :)

  • Lauren Saylor

    love this! and wish i had come up with the idea to do this with my friends as well ;)

  • Natasha


  • Amy C

    So awesome!! Well done!

    • RachelShingleton

      Thank you!

  • Kelsey Cronkhite

    Such lovely and well put together ideas! It’s all so beautiful Rachel!

  • Kaela

    Darling party! I’d love to see the art project you gals worked on!

  • Marek

    Love all of this!

  • Pat

    Everything is just perfection! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m a new follower and look forward to more of your creativity.

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