It feels like a breath of fresh air these days. Maybe it’s a change in administration or a change in the weather, but I’m ready for spring. Wouldn’t it be delightful to hang on to a great big bunch of pretty ballons and float away to la Tour Eiffel?And I wish I could be somewhere
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Getaway Weekend to Dallas

I hope your weekend was great! We seized an opportunity to be child-free, and ran south to Dallas on Friday night and came back on Sunday afternoon. It was so relaxing, and we just needed some time to be us and be grownups, stress-free and responsibility-free for a little bit. Simon booked us a room
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Style: Love in the Afternoon

I grew up on a steady diet of old movies. My parents weren’t so keen on a lot of current stuff – too much sex, violence, language, that sort of thing, so we frequently watched the old movie channels. I think my style was greatly influenced by a lot of 1950s and 60s movies, such
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Architectural Antiques

It’s already Friday! Whew! Another week with plunging cold temperatures. Wouldn’t a sunny beach resort be great right about now? While we may not be going anywhere warm, per se, we are headed south to Dallas this weekend for a grownup getaway, just me and Simon. We could really use the break; it’s been a
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