Designer Rachel Shingleton from Pencil Shavings Studio featured in DesignMom's new book "How to Live with Kids"

Catching Up

Are you having a good week? I am so far. I’ve been busy printing baby shower invitations and working on a logo for a client, in addition to my normal weekly routine of BSF and other activities. Oh, I nearly forgot! We didn’t talk about Valentine’s Day, did we? Simon and I went out on
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YES! I am so amped

Why, you ask? Because I finally ordered THIS: YES YES YES! I am super excited. It will be here either Friday or Saturday. I’m thinking Saturday. Oh man. Can’t even WAIT! Big big thanks to Mom & Dad for making this possible via Christmas money.

Computer Woes

Ok, kids, I’m on a brief hiatus as my computer has briefly decided to just not work. Yippee. Because I definitely had nothing going on, work-wise right now (rolling of my eyes). Seriously, I’ve got some fun projects in the works and I can’t wait to show you. But right now is reeeaaaaalllly not a
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I positively adore Valentine’s Day and I always have, with the exception of a few angst-ridden years there (think high school and college). Anyway, I always loved making Valentine boxes in elementary school, and picking out just the right cards. This year, it seems like it snuck up on me. I didn’t see it coming
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