The biggest mistake you can make when hiring a designer, be it a graphic designer or interior designer -


Missing: one Canon G9 digital camera. Belonging to Rachel, technology love of her heart. (Well, after the iPhone). Forgive the lack of posts; I have lost my camera and don’t know where to find it. I have torn this house upside down, inside out to try to find it, but I am losing hope. I
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Eames Elephant

While perusing over at Odeedoh, I saw this delightful little elephant. Isn’t this just the cutest little side table or ride-on toy? I am just overcome with the cuteness. But it’s not too literal, which makes it that much more chic. Designed originally by the lovely Ray & Charles Eames, only two were created as
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Cupcakes are the New Burritos

Let the Christmas season officially begin! I hope your Thanksgiving was SO much fun! Ours definitely was. First of all, I would like to say to everyone who commented on my last post, thank you. Thanks for your well-wishes and your thoughts. I really am thankful for that.  Anyway, we had a long weekend full
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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everybody! I hope that you are enjoying family and friends, and good food on this special day. I always love Thanksgiving. Growing up, we always had a full house; my parents invited anybody and everybody that wanted to come. These days, it’s even more fun with at least 7 kids(!) running around
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