DIY Candy Corn Sprinkle Pumpkins with Monograms - #halloween

Inspiration: Christmas Crafts

Danielle Thompson is one of my Flickr contacts, and not only is her photography amazing, but her crafts are too. I am LOVING these gorgeous paper trees she made. Not too much explanation on them, but they are stunning. Check out her blog for some other beautiful crafts from last year. She has some really
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Christmastime Is Here

Happiness and cheer! Oh that we could always see such spirit through the year . . .  I really love the mournful sound of that song. Maybe melancholy is a better term for it. Either way, the plinkety plink of the piano in the background, the sound of the children’s choir. I just love it.
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Deep Thought du Jour

Are Uggs the new Doc Martens? I’ll leave you to ponder that one for the weekend.


Missing: one Canon G9 digital camera. Belonging to Rachel, technology love of her heart. (Well, after the iPhone). Forgive the lack of posts; I have lost my camera and don’t know where to find it. I have torn this house upside down, inside out to try to find it, but I am losing hope. I
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