Places I have Never Been {via I am a greedy girl}

Fellow Oklahoman graphic designer Caroline Duke runs a fun blog called I am a Greedy Girl. She talked about these prints from JHillDesigns the other day, and I just can’t stop thinking about them. Places I Have Never Been is so fun. I love the color, the typography — the imagery is fun, too. Framed
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An Ode to Wallpaper

When we were snowed in at my parents’, I decided to photograph (almost) all of their wallpaper. I’m short a couple of them, but you’ll get the idea. There’s a definite love of blue and green going on here. Amy’s bedroom (my childhood bedroom) Amy’s bathroom The hallways – I wish you could see the
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A Little Sussy: The Handbook

More than a little curious about favorite photographer Nicole Hill‘s new textbook…

Tiered Bath Storage

I really like the look of this tiered storage unit from the Pottery Barn. I think it would be cute on the countertop, holding my hair accessories. Or in the kitchen, for fruit and other snackies. They remind me of vintage gym baskets like these… How fun is this? I’m thinking it could be fun,
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