Surviving the first trimester of pregnancy in style -

Superhero in a Box

My cousin George and his cute family picked this up for Jude’s birthday. Isn’t it the most clever little idea? I adore it. Confession: I have already tried all of it on myself. Especially the mask. Superhero in a Box.


Now it feels like Christmas!

Last night was Jude’s second-ever Christmas program, at his mother’s day out/school. He only goes once a week, so it’s not like he has just tons of time to be there to practice for these programs, but do you think I would miss it? Absolutely not! Last year, because he was one of the littlest
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I’m Home!

Apologies in advance for how long this is. I have never in my life been so glad to be home. Ever. It was as good and smooth a trip as it could’ve been, but man. There is truly no place like home. First of all, I’d like to say how much everybody’s comments, prayers, notes
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Non-Themey Seasonal Decorating

If you’ve ever been the recipient of goofy holiday decor, like that chuckling Santa cookie jar or dancing snowman, then this is a post for you. I tend to be a non-themey person. I’m not interested in people walking into a room and thinking, “oh, ok, this is your Paris room” or similar. When it
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