How does blogging equal income? And other potentially awkward dinner conversations.


I knew it was only a matter of time before Jude started saying funny things. As the vocabulary comes together, with it comes the inevitable snafu or misunderstanding. – After staying with my parents at Christmas, Jude became very aware of coffee. My mom would get up with him every morning and they would take
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Getting Ready for Valentine’s

Even when I was single, I really loved Valentine’s Day. And now that I have a little one, it’s no exception. If anything, it’s a great reason/excuse to buy up fun Valentine’s boxed cards and decorate the house in pink and red. It may be a month away, but Valentine’s is one of my favorite
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I hate when this happens

I had a gift card to JCrew left over from Christmas, and I finally used it on a few items from the sale section on their website. They arrived in the mail today. And then I get the email this morning that everything in the sale section is an extra 20% off. This is not
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Six Weeks

Sorry for the blogging absence over last week. It was a DOOZY. Let’s see, where to start … As of this upcoming Wednesday, I’ll be six weeks out from surgery. Which means I’m halfway to the next surgery! Hopefully, that is. I don’t have it officially scheduled yet. But still … I can’t believe that
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