DIY Candy Corn Sprinkle Pumpkins with Monograms - #halloween

A Little Sussy: The Handbook

More than a little curious about favorite photographer Nicole Hill‘s new textbook…

Tiered Bath Storage

I really like the look of this tiered storage unit from the Pottery Barn. I think it would be cute on the countertop, holding my hair accessories. Or in the kitchen, for fruit and other snackies. They remind me of vintage gym baskets like these… How fun is this? I’m thinking it could be fun,
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Paperwink Stamps

Seems like custom stamps are everywhere these days! Recently, new fave blog Little Green Notebook did a giveaway of one of the Paperwink stamps and I had to go check out their site. I really like the design of these. They’re different enough, and not too expensive. Sadly, they’re not self-inking, which is uber-convenient, but
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Dramatic? Of course. It’s Oklahoma weather! The weathermen told us that the ice and snow combo coming our way this past Thursday would rival that of the Big One in December 2007. That was the storm that hit right after Jude was born and left us all at Mom & Dad’s with NO POWER for
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