Open kitchen shelving at Carlton Landing

Roman Shades on a Dime. Or $24.

When I realized that I had enough leftover fabric from Jude’s duvet cover to actually make something with, my thoughts flew to the tiny window in his playroom. Sometimes, especially in the mornings when the time is just right, the light just pours into that window. I’m thinking we might could eke out a few
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Jude’s Valentines

I wanted to design some fun Valentines for Jude this year, something cute for him to give his little friends at Mother’s Day Out. A few might get mailed out to some family members too.  I couldn’t decide what to do – Valentine’s is such a girly holiday, and I wanted to do something a
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New Faves from Rosanna

My brief stint in retail as a newlywed introduced me to Rosanna. When we got married, I didn’t register for regular ol’ everyday dishes because I just couldn’t find anything that I really loved. If there had been somewhere to register for the Rosanna stuff, I would’ve been all over it. I like Rosanna because
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A more grown-up space

In the past few weeks, I’ve been tweaking Jude’s room a little, helping it to grow from bitty baby nursery to a more grown-up space. It makes my heart twinge just a little bit, taking away his baby bumpers (yes, he was still sleeping with them) and seeing a toddler bed occupy the room now.
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