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January Days

Pipecleaner Valentine’s garland on the kitchen chandelier. I got a barrel of 100 cookie cutters for $9 at Bed Bath & Beyond. I thought Jude would get a kick out of them when we play with PlayDoh, but I also wanted a variety of shapes for when I make cookies. Somebody who shall remain nameless
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Maybe I want to be a hippie

I wonder this to myself sometimes because it’s like I gravitate towards these bright prints. Every time we go to Malibu, people are dressed like this, and I get this happy feeling. Of course, they’re wearing it with Uggs. Somewhere deep down, I’m a bohemian, I guess. I have such design ADD.


Canvas Print for Neighbor

Ok, an update. Bridget asked in the comments if I could show what the layout looked like on the photography project I helped out on. Joanna shot a few photos of it hanging up in her house, and emailed them on over to me. I hope you can get some sense of scale as to
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More Quilling

After my post the other day on Valentine’s crafts, Ann from All Things Paper commented about quilling, and I took a quick perusal of her site. She has some awesome quilling inspiration, but her post on graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya took my breath away. I wish I had just a smidgen of her tactile creativity.
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