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Heavenly Carlton Landing, on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

Madeline’s Pink Candy Party

I checked out Rachelle’s blog this morning to see if she had posted any pix of Madeline’s pink candy party, and she had! Hooray! Everything turned out so cute! I’m glad it was a success!


Must be in the water…

It would seem that people are definitely feeling like the recession is on its way out, because at this time last year, business was, well, slow. Fast forward to this year, and things are going crazy! Yay for weddings, bridal showers, new babies, and social events! Keep ‘em coming! I was working on updating my
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Prom 2010!

Ok, just kidding. We didn’t really go to prom. But it was probably about as close to getting dressed up like that than we’ve been in 10 years. Divergence: We actually didn’t have a prom at our high school. Simon and I both went to a really small Christian school where there was no dancing,
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Z Gallerie Beverage Dispensers

I’m all about a gorgeous bev dispenser. Layers of Meaning featured the artichoke & pineapple ones, but Z Gallerie has several lovely options. Although I must say, the artichoke and pineapple versions are probably the most glamorous ones I’ve ever seen. All options available here.