get the look: colorful trim & woodwork

In the last 24+ hours

Wednesday: Wake up Rush to get self presentable and get child ready Scream out of driveway at 8:45am to head to Bible Study Fellowship that starts at 9:10. Drive thru McD’s on the way to get a quality high fructose corn syrup-laden breakfast for self and child. Rush child into his class at BSF. Take
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Kate Spade & A Mouseketeer

What Kate Spade & Annette Funicello have in common? Later this summer, we’re going to take a little family vacation to Southern California and finally take Jude to Disneyland. I say finally because our plans have been thwarted a couple of times. But it’s a go this time.  I was looking for pictures of Disneyland
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I didn’t even know Madewell did jewelry. Right up my alley.


Must Be Rough

When you’re two, life is hard. So so hard. It’s just rough. Laying around. Wrapped up in a soft blankie. Watching Toy Story on your mom’s iPad. Last week, I took Jude in for a haircut. He has this strange fascination with the hair cutting place. He wants to go until it’s actually time to
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