last weekend

So I put on my garden clogs to help. They really are from 1996. I bought them in NYC at Smith & Hawken. I was really proud of them. Jude liked the leftover tree stumps. Then on Sunday, a walk to the park at the lake with Simon’s sis Carolyn and her sweet little baby
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Birds as Decor?

It’s true. Everywhere I look in magazines, birds are a central design motif. We are so lucky to have natural birds in our decor. I know, right?! The long and the short of it: bird perp flew into our house AGAIN the other day when I let Jude out to play in the backyard. The
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We love our neighbors. Ever since they moved in last summer, Jude has been besties with cutie pies Fletcher & Ella next door. Last week, during spring break, we tried to go to the zoo with them and their mom, Joanna. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and even though our talks are punctuated
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In which I air our dirty laundry. Literally.

I’ve realized lately that I am really hating doing laundry. And it’s no wonder when you look at the awful state of organization in our closet. I mean, who on earth would want to put laundry away in the tornado that is our closet? It’s such an embarrassment. I have this fantasy of gorgeous boudoir
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