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Keller Williams postcard - Simon Shingleton

I’m so proud of Simon – he’s doing a great job and I’m so happy that he’s doing something that he loves.

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Keller Williams postcard - Simon Shingleton

Let's Chit-Chat { 1 }

Further Confirming Our Insanity

Ok, we are all officially nuts. NUTS. After Jude & Noah’s costume party, Dad was remarking that we had so much fun with all the wigs that everybody brought were the life of the party. I think the exact phrase was, “We should bust out the wigs at our next party!”

So, we took him seriously. Maybe a little too seriously.

In the month of November, we have 3 birthdays: Dad (Nov. 5th), Luke (Nov. 10th) and Eric (Nov. 14th). So we did a big combined Wigapalooza. Amy ordered in meat from the Salt Lick BBQ in Austin, TX, and it was incredible. There was also quite the selection of cheeses. And for dessert? A spread of individual slices of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. I mean, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

It was a wigapalooza!

Unless it’s all happening when you’re wearing a crazy wig.

Mullet Simon

Me-YOW. Am I a lucky gal or what? Billy Ray Cyrus, you got nothin’ on Simon.

The Wig Spread

Here’s all the wigs laid out on the dining room table. And it’s true – there’s something about a wig that brings out the funny in everybody. It was pretty hilarious.

laid-back Earl

Everybody that put this wig on manages to look like a laid-back surfer dude. That whole, “I just rolled outta bed and into the surf” look.

70s Chrysi

let's adjust that mullet

Wigged out - Rachel

One moment, please

sporting our wigs

Dad in a mullet
Mom made Dad take off the mullet wig – she said he didn’t look good in it. LOL Actually, the mullet wig was probably the one wig that really looked awful on everybody.

Pirate/Gypsy/Fortune Teller Simon

Happy happy birthday to Dad, Eric, and Luke! It was a grand occasion!

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Leaf blowing

This morning, the lawn guys came to blow the leaves away, but didn’t hit the neighbors’ yard. I give it, oh, 20 minutes for the leaves to be back.

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