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Heavenly Carlton Landing, on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

OKC Locals – Giveaway Alert

If you’re in Oklahoma City, hop over to I am a Greedy Girl and check out her giveaway for the OKCity Card from the Allied Arts.  I’ve never grabbed one of these, but it sounds like it has a ton of great discounts. Definitely something to check out, especially if you like to eat out
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One Piece Wonders

Have you noticed the influx of amazing one-piece swimsuits lately? I am so relieved. I know – that sounds nuts, but I am. I’ve never been a bikini girl, and after 2 abdominal surgeries plus a c-section, I am definitely not going there soon without either (a) a personal trainer and (b) no carbs for,
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QuickKutz Letterpress Machine

Has anybody had any success with one of these? I saw this in the latest Paper Source emailer, and I admit, I am really curious. Letterpress is so great, but so so so cost-prohibitive for most clients. My main question is whether you can get plates of your own design so you don’t have to
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A bouquet of freshly shaved pencils

Isn’t that how the line goes in “You’ve Got Mail”? About how wonderful a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils is … I shot a few photos the other night, trying to get motivated to redo my main website, as well as redesigning a new blog header. I’ve been wanting to shoot some new photos of
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