Surviving the first trimester of pregnancy in style -

Canvas Print for Neighbor

Ok, an update. Bridget asked in the comments if I could show what the layout looked like on the photography project I helped out on. Joanna shot a few photos of it hanging up in her house, and emailed them on over to me. I hope you can get some sense of scale as to
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More Quilling

After my post the other day on Valentine’s crafts, Ann from All Things Paper commented about quilling, and I took a quick perusal of her site. She has some awesome quilling inspiration, but her post on graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya took my breath away. I wish I had just a smidgen of her tactile creativity.
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How nice was this?

Our next-door neighbors are new to the ‘hood. Somewhat. They moved here in June, and it already feels like they (and we) have been here forever. Their two kiddos are hilarious and so cute. Jude adores them, and I think it’s mutual. Anyway, Joanna, their mom, is so nice. She’s a budding photographer, and she
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Golden Globes Faves

Does it seem a little early to anyone else for the Golden Globes? Somehow it seems to have shown up earlier in the year than I remember. But nonetheless, I love it for the clothes, hair, and makeup trends. I adore Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair. It suits her perfectly. I might have to work up the
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