Thanks to WordPress’s handy stats meter, I’m able to see a lot of things, namely how many readers I get per day (a couple hundred, and growing every month!), so I know you guys are out there, but I rarely hear from the majority of you! (In other words, comment away, darlings!)

Anyway, the other thing that I can see on the stats is the search terms that people use to find me. These are some of the more colorful ones:

Indian bathing beauties. (huh??)
putting candy windows in pre made ginger
non traditional Christmas inspiration
Red dress Gwen
I bought the chair at Pier 1
Jolly Allsorts
pencil shavings in candy (ick!)
one big baby (definitely not mine!)
how to stop colitis flare (good luck with that one)
crazy wig walmart
master o mania
Adult circus party (hmmm)

All in all, a motley collection, n’est-ce pas?

So, tell me – how did you get here?


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A Knock-Knocking Christmas

Ever since I wrote about Knock-Knocking‘s delightful yarn wreaths, I’ve bookmarked her blog and keep checking back at her Etsy shop. She makes the most interesting things, and her Christmas decor is no exception. Run on over there and snatch it up before it’s all gone!

Darling little nutcrackers in a variety of fun colors.

I’m in love with this tree. I want to make one.

An elegant use of different yarn textures. The monochromatic blue/grey colorscheme is so chic.

The fuzziness of this white wreath is the perfect match to the snow theme of this wreath above.

I am in love with these little snow people. I think they’d be cute amongst my Christmas decor on the entry buffet. I love the detail on their sweet little faces.

::sigh:: Fun fun fun!

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Holey Swiss Cheese Cutting Board by prettydreamer on Etsy

The perfect gift for the whimsical cheese lover in your life.

If there is such a thing as a whimsical cheese lover. (hello, J. Peterman! Where on earth did that description come from!)





Holey Swiss Cheese Cutting Board by prettydreamer on Etsy.

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Check out Window Dressing This Week


While I’m out this week doing medical things, be sure to hop over to Window Dressing. I’ve got some posts scheduled, and you can check out some of the back issues, too.

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