Pencil Shavings Studio apple print on HBC Point blanket at the lake house in Carlton Landing, Oklahoma -

Settling In, plus giveaway winner!

I’m really excited about settling in here at the new blog. I feel like there’s greater opportunity for growth, as well as organization. You’ll notice that I’ve got a few more dropdown menus than I did at the other blog. Check them out at the top – under ‘About Me’ you can find my list
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My 29th Birthday

It was a birthday weekend! Such a great birthday, you guys. A special dinner w/ Mom and Dad and Simon at Signature Grill. My MOST FAVORITE – creme brulee! And a special cake that Simon made all by himself. A 4-layer confection of deliciousness! This is my boys, licking the frosting out of the pan.
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The most amazing painted walls EVER

Now there’s a blanket statement if there ever was one. But I was perusing Aubrey+Lindsay’s blog today during naptime and I swear my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head, and my heart started pounding, and my hands started itching for a paintbrush, and then I’m sure somewhere Simon started sweating. Because these, my friends,
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Project in the works: Uptown Kids at Classen Curve

Sometimes it’s fun to see a project that’s in the works. I am super excited about being part of the Uptown Kids retail project. My sister-in-law Carolyn and her husband are opening an upscale kids’ boutique in the Classen Curve. It’s an exciting location, too — the Curve has been in development for awhile, and
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