@psstudio's guide to using PInterest to understand your personal style by @psstudio


One of my favorite things about what I do is seeing how many solutions there are to a particular design problem. “Problem” is kind of a loose term here, but you get the point. There’s never just one single solution. Cue the Fiesta. Fiestas are always a fun theme for a party. We did a
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Insurance, Projects, & Life

Life doesn’t appear to be slowing down anywhere in the near future. I guess that’s ok. Let’s see, what’s been going on….  Insurance adjusters came by yesterday and apparently were a little bit stumped by the amount of damage. Then there was an article in the paper here today about how the total from hail
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Our poor neighborhood. It’s just taken a beating what with the hailstorm last week and then on this past Sunday, a house around the corner from us caught on fire and went up in flames.  Simon was outside taking inventory of what other hail damage we had when he ran inside and had us come
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Lovin’ the letter Q

Amy contacted me about a month back about doing custom stationery for her.   We emailed back and forth a bit and I found out a little bit about her style. I presented three different proofs based on the following info from her: Favorite colors?    Reds, Oranges, Browns Favorite artists?    Botero Favorite music?   I like
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