Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, Jude. Must you really graze on everibody’s leftovers? I made you a plate all your own!

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A Holiday Table via Elements of Style Blog

As always, Erin @ Elements of Style has amazing inspiration for Thanksgiving. I’m adding these two ideas to my entertaining files. I’m not sure where these images are specifically from, but they’re good ideas nonetheless.

Chic take-out containers for guests to steal away those holiday leftovers in.

A whimsical use of kraft paper for the kids’ tables. I wish my kids’ table had been this fun when I was a kid! Heck, I might even have to pull this one out for a grownup table sometime!

And another kids’ table — fringed kraft paper. Too CUTE!

A Holiday Table « Elements of Style Blog.

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Where do I subscribe?

J.Crew, are you listening to me? Because I’m thinking that a subscription like these would be waaaaay better than some ol’ magazine!
Who wouldn’t love a cashmere, shoe, or jewelry-of-the-month club? And from J.Crew, no less! To be fair, none of these are cheap. Not one bitty bit. Tres tres cher, but man, what a delight! Congrats to whoever the lucky girl is that receives one of these for Christmas!

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Paula Prass

Paula Prass may be my new favorite designer. Her frames are to die for. Well, she isn’t just a frame designer – she does all kinds of fun stuff, including fabric. I was perusing her site today and thought I’d show you too. I’ve seen some of her frames in a local boutique, and fell madly in love. There are tons of great color combinations. I just love their graphic, bold appeal.

This little door hanger sign is hilarious. I think I need one of these for my front door! ;)

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