A Summery Spring

A gorgeous spring is in full swing here. Just right for reading books out on the grass. Or drawing on my parents’ retaining wall w/ sidewalk chalk while playing some baseball (thanks, Ben!). Or for planting some lovelies on our front porch. And it’s also just right for eating sweet strawberries out on the back
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Elegance in Navy Paper

Caught this one over at dress, design & decor … a beautiful navy invitation. I even like the folds, which is unusual for me as I prefer a flat myself. Lovely typography with the slightest touch of whimsy, yet still traditional.

Anthro Lovelies

Some pretties from Anthropologie lately… Maybe I’ll just hop down to the store and try ‘em on… Oh wait. I forgot. They’re not opening in Oklahoma City, they’re opening in TULSA. Hmmph. Whatev. Back to your regularly-scheduled programming, friends.


Hunting for Planters

Since Spring is in full swing here, both Simon and I have had the itch to get out in the yard and pretty things up a bit. At our first house, we were actively involved in the complete makeover of our front yard, and it was a lot of fun. A lot of work. But
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