get the look: colorful trim & woodwork

Dior – Resort 2011

I loved Barbie dolls (and played with them still) until I was eleven. Admittedly, I was late to the game, preferring stuffed animals to dolls when suddenly it was like the light turned on and then I was obsessing over tiny doll clothes and those funky 80s plastic high heels that every Barbie came with.
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Fiesta, Part Dos

That’s “two” for you non-Spanish speakers. Here’s the final result of the Fiesta project I showed last week! Thank you again, Rachelle, for including me on your party! Also, muchas gracias to Kathleen for that little font swap we did – it came in handy on this project!


HGTV Green House 2010: Plymouth

Plymouth, Massachusetts is such a great little town with lots of charm. I was thrilled to see that it was the location of the HGTV Green home for 2010. I’m particularly fond of Cape Cod styling, so a lot of this house was right up my alley. There’s still hope for any of us to
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Nine by Design

Usually I’m more on top of things like this. But shamefully enough, I hadn’t caught any Nine by Design eps until this past week. Everybody kept telling me how awesome it was, and it truly is amazing. A design-oriented couple with seven (7!) children – who have the coolest names ever, by the way. I
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