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Rain, rain, go away!

It’s raining here as I type. As in, monumental rain. Serious flooding. End-of-the-world, better-get-your-ark-built-NOW flooding. And it’s now raining in our living room as well. There’s a lovely leak in the ceiling. Simon and I joked about sticking some piece of furniture under the leak that we really didn’t like – hey, gotta make lemonade
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Grace Home Furnishings: In the Flesh

You may be familiar with Grace Home Furnishings from their advertisements in decor magazines featuring gorgeous rooms and a friendly-looking chocolate labrador. I made it a point to go check it out in LA last week, and I was not disappointed. Not only was the dog really there in the flesh (in a crate, chillin’
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From my dad’s camera

It freaks one out a little when one goes to check one’s own Flickr stream and finds pictures of one’s self that one did not put there. Guess that means my mom’s been uploading photos from her iPhoto onto my Flickr.  It was a happy surprise to see so many of their good pix! Nice
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Ballard Designs – a good sale!

Ballard Designs seems to only be getting better with time. I’m really loving a lot of the things they come out with and their pricing is so reasonable. And of course, it only gets more reasonable when they have a big sale! I ordered a pair of drapes for our living room yesterday and there
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