Here’s nephew Luke’s Elf on the Shelf. His name is Jack. We found him by the Nutella jar this morning. A good place to be, non?


The weathermen in Oklahoma are particularly amazing when it comes to Oklahoma-specific weather, such as tornadoes. Or thunderstorms. But snow? Well, to be fair, we’re just not that good at it. They tend to … overpredict. So when they told us that there was a chance of snow on Christmas Eve, I think  the entire state heaved a collective bellylaugh.


But the weathermen got the last laugh, because we got 14.1″ in Oklahoma City alone, a record to end all previous records. I cannot ever remember a Christmas like this. It totally made the day amazing!


Here’s Dad, enjoying trying his first-ever piece of Slim Jim beef jerky. He says once was enough.


Jude, enjoying Wingo’s choo train (Wingo is what he calls my mom.)


Hmmm. Is it ever going to be time for us to go outside and play in the snow?


YES! Yes, it is TIME TO PLAY IN THE SNOOOOOOOOW! Simon, Eric, and Earl each individually went out into the snow, and each said that it was absolutely awful. It was whiteout conditions, apparently and visibility was terrible. People were stuck, stranded in their cars in the snow. Suddenly all those people in their 4-wheel drive SUVs didn’t look so foolish anymore for having big ol’ cars.  Simon brought Jude some warm snow clothes, however, this green fleece outfit was a year too small for him. He was absolutely stuffed into that, but he was warm!


Ready for snow.


First, trepidatious steps into snow.


Now this is sad. I didn’t have warm mittens for my child, so he had to put on his own socks on his hands.  Pitiful.



Uncle Eric brought the sleds from their house. WHEEEEEE!  Darn it all, if i hadn’t had surgery, I would have been ALL over those sleds like nobody’s business.


This picture is for my mom. As a kid, she would wrap me up in garbage bags so I wouldn’t get wet when it snowed.  Earl made her proud: he covered his shoes in plastic Target bags and secured them with duct tape. Niiiice.


Afterwards, it was time for hot cocoa with the cousins.



When it snows, might as well make crafts! I made a pipe cleaner garland/necklace.


Meanwhile, where were the guys? Matthew, Simon, and Eric continued to sled down the hill in front of Mom & Dad’s. It was like a giant slip ‘n slide: they started running and then hit the ground on their sleds. Hilarious.



I shot all these photos from my childhood bedroom window. Simon below –


Weary sledders, heading back inside.


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An Oklahoma White Christmas

I hope you are all having an amazing Christmas Eve! For quite possibly the first time in my life, it’s a white Christmas!

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Chez Larsson’s Sugar Cube Building

After last year’s semi-disastrous gingerbread/grahamcracker house fiasco, I have an all new respect for any kind of edible cottage or building. Martha makes it look so easy. I assure you, it is most definitely not.

Today I hopped over to Chez Larsson’s awesome blog to catch up on all of her Christmas happenings and my jaw fell to the floor when I saw what she and her family had created. I swear, if I ever get to Sweden, I’m going to Benita’s house. She is awesome. Traditionally, she says they always make a gingerbread house, but after seeing this little sugar cube lovely from Martha Stewart, Benita decided to try her hand at that.

Cute, non? Of course it’s cute – it’s Martha!

So her family said ok, but then they raised the bar. Substantially. Inspired by all things New York City, they created what may be the most awesome sugar cube creation ever. EVER.

It’s a sugar cube Empire State Building! But wait, WAIT! Look at it all lit up!

I can’t imagine ever trashing this lovely creation. I hope they keep it forever. Do sugar cubes rot? I don’t think they do… hmm.

And you know, I think they also just told Martha to bring it, sistah.

Instructions, more photos, etc. here.

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Back Shortly!

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the blog absence. We’ve had a busy weekend. We ended up coming back to our own house for the weekend, and it was divine. Staying at my parents’ house has been great, but truly, there’s something about your own house, your own bed, your own … everything.

Yesterday I went to see my tummy doctor here, Dr. R.,  for my post-surgery checkup. I came into the waiting room, and there was a girl sitting there with her mom. She was in obvious pain, bent over in half, and really suffering. I thought back to all of the times I had been in that office, sick as could be. Or the two times I had to go into the ER and I couldn’t stand up straight I was in such pain.  I suddenly felt so thankful that that wasn’t going to be me anymore.

When I saw Dr. R’s nurses, they were so encouraging. “We don’t even recognize you,” they said.  ”You look  SO good and SO much better!”  Then when Dr. R. came in, he said the same thing. “You don’t even look like the same person. You’re finally off of all those meds that were wreaking havoc on you.”  I felt so encouraged, so relieved. His nurse also made a good point. “We’ve only ever seen you when you’ve been sick,” she said. “We had no point of reference for what you were like before you were sick.”

And it’s true. I’m not sick anymore. We chitchatted for awhile, and everyone congratulated me on my surgery. And I felt really good about myself. I feel more like ME again.

Anyway, I’ve got a bunch of Christmas photos and things to post as soon as I can get my camera back from Simon. He’s been working like CRAZY and it’s really paying off. I’m so so proud of him. He’s doing an amazing job. He had his first sale this past week, and we’ve been thanking God for His goodness and the way He provides.

Ok, I’ll be back soon, this time with photos!

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