Why you need two of your favorite tshirts -


Have you heard about Houzz? When I got my birthday iPad a few weeks ago, Simon found the Houzz app and I was immediately hooked. And fortunately, they have a pretty fantastic site in addition to the well-designed and easy to navigate app. Houzz is like Flickr but strictly for home design – both interior
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Working Class Studio

Working Class Studio is a division of the Savannah College of Arts & Design and has a really interesting site chock full of amazing student work as well as other items from alumni and faculty. It’s really amazing to see the scope of products they offer. I was checking out their ecommerce site and then
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Sketch to Screen

On Tuesday I visited the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, Sketch to Screen, a retrospective on the role of costumes in film. I have been positively giddy about this exhibition. It’s especially exciting to me because it is not a traveling exhibition, meaning that it was an original idea curated and executed exclusively
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In the last 24+ hours

Wednesday: Wake up Rush to get self presentable and get child ready Scream out of driveway at 8:45am to head to Bible Study Fellowship that starts at 9:10. Drive thru McD’s on the way to get a quality high fructose corn syrup-laden breakfast for self and child. Rush child into his class at BSF. Take
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