I think some of these EmersonMade accessories were, well, made for me. I totally love the creative duo behind all these items. True, not new to blogland, but I’m still loving their style. The hard part is picking which thing to get! I’m looooving these little shoe blooms. What a great way to spring up your
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The best way to wake up

What’s the best way to wake up on Mother’s Day? With a small redheaded boy whispering in your ear, “Happy birth day mother’s day, mama!” Since my birthday was last Sunday, I think he’s starting to believe that every Sunday is a day all about Mom! If I play my cards right … hmmmm.

Oh, forgot to add

I forgot to mention the other day that if you click on any of the images in the sliding bar at the top of this main page, as well as on the “About Me” section and Design Studio page, you can then see a full-size image. This is particularly great on the Design Studio page
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Before & After. Of a sorts.

When I was editing photos the other day, I was reminded of what a little miracle babies are. Isn’t it amazing to watch them as they grow and change? And yet, in so many ways, they are still the same. I looked at some of the recent photos I had shot of Jude, and I
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