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Exploring New York City with a 6 year old boy -

Jude Takes On NYC

Last Friday night we had dinner at a favorite taco place, and then Jude sweetly says, “Can we go downtown? Just to see everything? It reminds me of being in New York.” We grinned. When I was fifteen, my sister and brother-in-law took me to NYC for Thanksgiving and it’s pretty safe to say that
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2014-09-20 14.38.05

Here, There, Everywhere

Last week’s getaway to New York was a welcome break. We hadn’t really been anywhere outside of OKC and Carlton Landing in months and I was reminded how good it is to get out of your routine/rut/regular life and experience something different. Especially if you’re a creative. Something simple like getting lost in the European
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iPhone 6 Cases are in the Pencil Shavings Studio shop now!

Shop Update: iPhone 6 Cases Are Here!

I’ve been getting emails like crazy – when will the iPhone 6 cases be available? And I’m happy to say I finally have a good answer! I am now accepting orders for iPhone 6 cases. Sleek Cases will ship first week of October. Tough cases will ship mid-October. And the Tough cases will have a
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Better Homes & Garden’s Stylemaker Workshop 2014

We’re back from an absolutely fantastic trip to New York City last week. You might remember last year when I was invited by Better Homes & Gardens to attend their 2nd Stylemaker workshop and luckily they did another one this year.  BHG gave me some amazing opportunities over the past year including being named the editor’s pick
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