Get the look: colorful campaigners

Shopping for: outdoor chairs

There’s just something about sitting on a front porch, isn’t there? Our glorious enormous front porch on our home in Carlton Landing is begging for some fab chairs. Currently we’ve been using those uber-tacky foldup chairs that are typically reserved for Jude’s Saturday morning soccer games, and here at the end of the season I’m
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with thanks

A word of thanks

You guys. You have totally overwhelmed my family with so many well wishes, sweet emails, texts, and more about our upcoming arrival. I cannot say thank you enough.  Really. You have blessed us beyond measure – and I really don’t like the overuse of the word “blessed” but I sincerely mean it here. A few
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Big News

Friends, if I’ve been completely MIA all summer long, it’s for a very good and very tiny reason. I am officially 11 weeks pregnant in what I can only describe as a total and utter miracle of God. Yesterday we sat in the OB’s office after having been released from our fertility doctor for our
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The fridge broke and other fun tales

On Sunday night of the 4th of July holiday weekend, we rolled into OKC around 9pm, tired and sunburnt. And as we unpacked the car, I noticed there was standing water in the kitchen. YAY. We thought maybe it would be okay and it was just a power surge. But as it would turn out, the
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