Cricut Explore Design Space Star Monogram Favor Hang Tags with birch wood veneer
Designing the nursery: for boys or girls

Prepping the Baby’s Room

Now that I’m almost 19 weeks along and we’re getting closer to figuring out what flavor this baby is going to be (boy? girl?), I’ve been spinning my wheels on what to do about the nursery.  Over the summer my assistant showed up and in a tizzy stood in the spare bedroom (aka, the potential location
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How does blogging equal income? And other potentially awkward dinner conversations.

How does blogging make you money?

We were at dinner a few months ago with a financial planner friend who finally came out and asked The Burning Question: “How are you making any money off of your blog?” I think these conversations are really interesting if a bit awkward sometimes, and they’ve been happening a lot lately. Both Garance Dore  and
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Color Crush: Rainbow Brights with The Land of Nod -

Color Crush: Rainbow Brights

  My next color post over at the Land of Nod is up! Check out how fun this back-to-school study mood board is in all its ROY G. BIV glory. Click through for sources, etc.

A sick day - or two or three

Sicky Sick Sick

Well, not even a solid two weeks into the school year, and Jude has been home for two days sick from school. I really thought that maybe he was trying to get out of going on Monday morning. Jude, pitifully and conspiratorially: “I need you to know something, Mom. I have been sick for five
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