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So I guess we’re buying a house at the lake

Adair Cottage at Carlton Landing on the boardwalk

Remember last November when we went to Seaside-esque Carlton Landing for a weekend? We kind of fell in love with a house there, if you recall. And for a few months now we’ve been dreaming, number crunching, and planning which has finally led to a rather big decision for us. Continue Reading →

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Lisa Hoke at the OKC MOA

Lisa Hoke Installation at the OKC MOA

Over on the Instagrams, I’ve been noticing fellow OKCers checking out the latest installation at the OKC MOA. Created by the (evidently amazing) Lisa Hoke, Come on Down is running through April 14th and is totally worth the visit.  I can’t describe it any better than the Museum website, but suffice it to say it’s a giant sculpture of multicolored awesomeness created by everyday found objects. Pepsi cups? Yup. Lego boxes? Yup. Paper coffee cup lids? Yup. It was absolutely stunning, and the real thrill was to see how she created texture through these rather basic everyday finds.


Lisa Hoke exhibit at Oklahoma City Museum of Art

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Tour: Uptown Candy


Over ten years ago as a graphic design student, I dreamed of getting to work on certain kinds of projects. I realize now that I was envisioning my ideal client – creatives, people not afraid of color, bold thinkers – and working on Uptown Candy was one of those experiences. A sister store to Uptown Kids, Uptown Candy opened in November just in time for the holiday rush. And what a rush it was! Now two months later, the store still brings a smile to my face every time I go in . It’s totally my happy place! And I wanted to share it with you too. Continue Reading →

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Whole Foods & Pencil Shavings Studio


I’m partnering with Whole Foods and Etsy to bring you a fun-filled night of holiday inspiration. Join us next Tuesday night at Whole Foods Oklahoma City in Classen Curve at 6pm for all kinds of delicious holiday treats, and tons of fun gift wrapping ideas, DIY projects, and more! It’s totally free — make your holiday season merry with us! And! We’ll also be bringing along some Pencil Shavings Studio goodies for a mini pop-up, so if you missed us at the Holiday Pop-Up Shops, there’s still time to get gifts for Christmas!



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