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Carlton Landing: How our lighting choices shaped up

One of the hardest parts of making decisions when building or finishing out a house is knowing whether the choices you’ve made really will be the best ones. Will the scale be right? Will the color(s) be great together?  We analyzed every last detail of our choices for the lake house at Carlton Landing to
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2014-07-26 12.25.20

Carlton Landing: Feels Like Home

We’ve worked hard to keep our weekends reserved for Carlton Landing and with summer coming to a close, we only have a couple more weekends left until our fall obligations begin.  Simon remarked to me over the weekend that we’re finally able to relax at the lake house instead of just working on getting things
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Shopping for: outdoor chairs

There’s just something about sitting on a front porch, isn’t there? Our glorious enormous front porch on our home in Carlton Landing is begging for some fab chairs. Currently we’ve been using those uber-tacky foldup chairs that are typically reserved for Jude’s Saturday morning soccer games, and here at the end of the season I’m
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Carlton Landing: Our First 4th of July

We’re home from a fantastic holiday weekend at Carlton Landing, our first 4th of July in our new house. This was the first weekend we’ve been down that hasn’t entirely been a working weekend for us. We were finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of getting really settled.
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