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Surviving the first trimester of pregnancy in style -

Style: Surviving the First Trimester

Anthropologie Matepe dress (my absolute favorite piece right now) Now that I’m inching out of the first trimester (longest summer everrrrr), I thought I’d do a little roundup of surviving it stylishly. Maternity “fashion” when I was pregnant with Jude 7 years ago(!) was a joke. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of
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A few things

Happy Friday, friends! We’re on the final countdown to the new schoolyear with less than 4 weeks til school starts. I cannot wait to return to a more structured schedule. But I’m not looking forward to those daily 6:30am wakeup calls. Now THAT is for the birds. The shop is back open and we’re getting
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Shopping for: outdoor chairs

There’s just something about sitting on a front porch, isn’t there? Our glorious enormous front porch on our home in Carlton Landing is begging for some fab chairs. Currently we’ve been using those uber-tacky foldup chairs that are typically reserved for Jude’s Saturday morning soccer games, and here at the end of the season I’m
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with thanks

A word of thanks

You guys. You have totally overwhelmed my family with so many well wishes, sweet emails, texts, and more about our upcoming arrival. I cannot say thank you enough.  Really. You have blessed us beyond measure – and I really don’t like the overuse of the word “blessed” but I sincerely mean it here. A few
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