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How does blogging equal income? And other potentially awkward dinner conversations.

How does blogging make you money?

We were at dinner a few months ago with a financial planner friend who finally came out and asked The Burning Question: “How are you making any money off of your blog?” I think these conversations are really interesting if a bit awkward sometimes, and they’ve been happening a lot lately. Both Garance Dore  and
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Color Crush: Rainbow Brights with The Land of Nod -

Color Crush: Rainbow Brights

  My next color post over at the Land of Nod is up! Check out how fun this back-to-school study mood board is in all its ROY G. BIV glory. Click through for sources, etc.

A sick day - or two or three

Sicky Sick Sick

Well, not even a solid two weeks into the school year, and Jude has been home for two days sick from school. I really thought that maybe he was trying to get out of going on Monday morning. Jude, pitifully and conspiratorially: “I need you to know something, Mom. I have been sick for five
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Color Crush: the bold and the blue with the Land of Nod -

Color Crush: Bold & Blue

The Land of Nod knows how much I love a good piece of  campaign furniture. So when they came out with their whole new line of campaigners, they asked me to design a few mood boards for back to school starring their gorgeous desks. I love that any of these desks could be used in a grown-up
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