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Product Styling & Photoshoots


Apologies for the radio silence this week, but I’ve been a busy bee!  I’m trying to wrap up a few projects before we head out on vacation, and I thought you might like a sneak peek too. I’m really excited to work with other small businesses in getting really gorgeous product photography – it really is one of my passions! Right now I’m working with an interior designer on styling her lovely new fabric collection as well as another pair of entrepreneurs who handpaint the most amazing frames. The more I look at them the more detail I see!


Photo styling is one of my favorite things about running my shop, and so it thrills me to pieces to help others out too.  Do you need some photo styling of your own for your business? Let’s chat! Email me for the details on pricing, turnaround time, etc.

Desk-detail-pippin-pearlHot-Pink-Pillow-in-Basket pillows-on-green-rug Pink-and-Red-Frames Pink-Bedroom


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  • lili

    so lovely!!!!

  • traci zeller

    Love, love, love! So excited!!!!

  • Kate

    Ahhh all of these photos are AMAZING! Great work! Super excited for these talented ladies! :)

  • Amber Housley

    You are so talented! Love these above! xo

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  • Whitney

    Photos / styling are great – but can you share the fabric source? is it available yet?