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What to do when you’re bored with long hair

What to do when you're bored with your long hair?

So you’ve been embarking on the great hair growout for quite awhile now, but you’re starting to feel that all-too-familiar itch.

You’re getting bored. Bored with all that luscious fabulous long hair that you’ve been working oh-so hard to grow.  You’re wearing it all up in a ponytail because you don’t know what else to do with it.

But wait! Before you pick up the scissors (DON’T) or call the stylist for a major makeover, consider these tips.


1. Get some great layers // image by

But don’t just go ahead and cut it all off. Cutting layers was a huge boredom reliever for me, and it actually made my hair feel a lot less heavy – a particular bonus as we head into the summer months. My naturally wavy hair is way happier now too, and the texture of my hair cooperates much better when I want to wear it wavy.


2. Think about bangs // image by FabFitFun

With so many options for face-framing bangs, these are another sure-fire way to shape up your style.  Experimenting with bangs is a great way to go short but without it feeling like you’ve made a huge commitment. While they are definitely a bit high maintenance if you go for short blunt ones, there are some really amazing looks out there right now. Don’t want to go for the bold blunt look? Think about sideswept or longer layers that hit at the cheekbone. Here’s a pretty look from Rubi Jones.


3. Learn how to braid // image by JessicaJanae Photography

I’ll be honest – this one’s a hard one for me, but I’m learning. And it’s a lot of fun to experiment with. I’m figuring out that there’s really no one right way to braid. So let your inner bohemian out — and experiment a little when there’s no pressure to be running out the door. Of course there’s always other fun tutorials too – this knot-based ponytail is pretty interesting, too.


4. And of course, accessorize! // image by Splendid &

Especially now that it’s summer, I have a ton of fun with scarves, headbands, etc. I’m also loving the half-up style, pulled back with a couple of bobbies or a barette. Oh, and let’s not forget all the goodness at I want it ALLLLLLL.


5. Find new inspiration // image by Ann Street Studio

Hair is the best way to continue to evolve your look. If you’re lacking in love for your long locks, hop over to Pinterest and get inspired again. I love what the Beauty Department did with their Brigitte Bardot obsession. And when I had short hair, I was always inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s 1960s short ‘do from How to Steal a Million. Perfection.


Are you bored to tears with your long hair? I admit I was starting to feel the itch to snip, but then, of all things, I had a dream one night that I went in for a haircut and it was totally botched. My hair was so short, and I was devastated. So I took it for the sign that it was and decided to just play around with having bangs instead.  Thoughts? Horror stories? Successes? Favorite blogs/sites/Pinterest boards?


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Dig a little deeper

  • Rica of Ang Kaladkarin

    Color it! =) I’ve experimented with temporary hair dye (without chemicals) and using a conditioner for temporary washable color.

    • Rachel

      Ooh, so true — nothing like having a little fun w/ the color. I’ve kinda wanted to have streaks of pink!

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  • Esther Aspling

    I have always stunk at doing my hair. It’s all I can do to get it into a messy bun! I need to try harder….

  • Sally

    You could also just cut your hair! Into a Pixie or something else! YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rachel

      So true – every now and then I get the itch to hack it all off!

  • imnotsopatient

    I like your dream because i had a smiliar dream wheer ei cut a few inches of my hair and was completly devasted i took it as a sign not to cut my hair, I swear to holy jesus man when i woke up and was like hallelujah i didnt cut my hair it wass all a dream and then the relief came pouring down on me.