Wreath Roundup

Yippee! Let the holiday decorating and excitement begin in earnest!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful; ours definitely was. And there was a LOT of really good food at our Thanksgiving table. I’m still thinking about Amy & Eric’s garlic parmesan mashed potatoes(!).

Ok. Somebody (Stephanie, I think it was you!) requested holiday decor inspiration, so I’ve been collecting a few images over the past few weeks. Martha Stewart is always my go-to; she’s perfection every time. But here’s some of my faves from other sources that I’ve collected on Pinterest. You can go to this set to see all of the sources that aren’t Martha.


This one is from Home Decorators’ Collection. It also comes in red, although I’m assuming the red is sold out since the only images they are showing right now are the white. At $24, this is a bargain. Isn’t it stunning?

Ooh, but guess who else has this identical wreath and other matching accoutrements? Target. BUT! Buyer beware – it’s almost 2x as expensive. Crazy!

I’ve written about my love for etsy seller KnockKnocking before, but I can’t ever resist her lovely yarn wreaths.

Felt Floral Wreath, from etsy seller Lou & You

Traditional colors, but fun, bubbly shape. From etsy seller Bradensams.  This shop has several really cute wreaths.

YAY for tissue pom poms! By etsy seller FayeMarie.

Fluffy white pompoms in a trio. Image from Hullaballoo Home.

Ok, not a traditional wreath, nor traditional colors, but I love the idea of these hanging on a door. I think it could be really stunning. Seen at The Tortoise & the Hare.

And finally, one of my absolute faves. I really want to make one like this.

Amazing, no? There’s a full tutorial at this site.

Whew! I think that about does it!  Have a wonderful Monday – I’ll be back later in the week with more Christmas fun, and an adventure out to rural Oklahoma for fried chicken. Think of me today as I’m on the road to Dallas for some Christmas shopping w/ my sis-in-law!

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  • janet

    Ok, I’m inspired! If I end up with a wreath I will send you a picture (this makes it more likely to get around to it.) Yay!

  • http://www.kaelajessen.com Kaela

    Love them all (especially the popcorn one!) I can’t wait to check out more of pinterest – looks, uh, interesting?

  • http://www.slappyintheface.com Slappy (gina)

    Was looking for the address to Architectural Antiques and your site come up. So glad that I found you and I am going to make that pom-pom wreath by gosh !!

    • Rachel

      Yay! I’m glad too!