Opinions, Please!

Ok, I’ve been trying out different colors of paint for the chairs and table I got at the ghetto resale shop the other day.  Could you please give me your opinion on which you prefer?

These are really terrible iPhone photos, but my camera battery is dead. So, we go with what we’ve got. None of these colors look totally spot-on like they do in real-life. The blue/green is really more gray-green, and the dark one is actually a gray brown. Ugh. The chairs look much more yellow in this photo than they do in real life. Anyway.

Any thoughts? I welcome any and all!

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  • chris castro

    green gray handsdown, ket me know if you want to borrow my sprayer to paint them.

  • http://www.whoorl.com whoorl

    Gray-green looks super fun!

  • http://www.neallivingston.com Neal

    Definitely gray-green. Mrs. Color Lady was really considering the brown? :)

  • Cameron

    What color is the accent in the cabinets? If it is similar to the darker color, I like that.

  • http://handsalwayscreating.blogspot.com/ Alyssa Willis

    I totally would do the green. It looks a little cottagey…so, if you don’t like that style I would do gray. That seems more modern.

  • Erin

    Is it going to go in your dining room with the green paper? If so, I like the middle color. Otherwise, that grey-green is pretty fab and would be my first choice.
    I’m so jealous of your gorg find!

  • http://www.seesawre.blogspot.com Lisa

    I like the middle. The definition on the bamboo really pops and you can go to town on the fabric you use. The green/blue is nice as well, but, depends on where you put the chairs.

  • elizabeth stites

    what is your plan for the table? is the set going in the breakfast room, i assume?

    • Rachel

      Yes, the set is going in the breakfast room. The curtains in there are a green and cream stripe. The cabinets are cream, as you can see in the photos.

      Thanks so much to everyone who has commented! I really appreciate it!

  • Kim Willbanks

    I’m feeling the middle one! The bamboo is more substantial in that color…for some reason!!! I love this super-duper find, you lucky chick!

  • http://www.spiffychristian.net Christian

    The blue-green and the cream looks really great. The dark one doesn’t look too great. I’d also try maybe a teal or lime green or maybe even silver (which imo would look fantastic!)

    Cream with teal seats would look great too.